Rehearsal Schedule

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  • Please note that the rehearsal schedule is subject to change. Sufficient notice will be given if changes do occur, or if Sunday rehearsals will be needed.
  • Dancers must be ready to begin right at the scheduled rehearsal time. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure that they will be sufficiently warmed up.
  • Please plan on attending every scheduled rehearsal. As there are limited rehearsals, dancers will need to be present for their own benefit, as well as that of their fellow dancers. We understand that emergencies do occur, so please communicate with us!

  • NUTCRACKER / Performance Week

    Friday, 12/8 - Dress Rehearsal 

    5:00 Warm-up Level C and D (optional B2)
    5:30-8:30 All dancers

    Saturday, 12/9 - Performance 

    11:00 Warm-up on stage Level C and D (optional B2)
    12:00 Call for Angels, Pollichinelles, Chinese and Snowflakes
    1:00 Performance #1


    5:15 Call and Notes on stage *exceptions
    6:00 *Call for Angels, Polichinelles, Chinese, and Snowflakes
    7:00 Performance #2


    Clara- half up/ half down and curled, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
    Prince- white tights, black ballet slippers
    Snowpas- high bun, pink tights; white tights, white ballet slippers
    Snowflakes- high bun, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
    Angels- high bun, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
    Spanish- high bun, pink tights
    Arabian- high bun, pink tights
    Chinese- Ahkila, high bun, pink tights; corps., low braided ponytail, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
    Russian- ladies: low bun, pink tights, black character shoes; boys: black tights, black ballet shoes
    Marzipan- high bun, pink tights
    Pollichinelles- boys: low bun, girls: two braided pigtails. pink tights and pink ballet slippers.
    Flowers- high bun, pink tights
    Sugar plum- high bun, pink tights
    Cavaler- white tights, white ballet slippers

    Bring bobbypins, hairpins, hairnets, hairspray, or gel. Please come with hair ready. If you need help with hair or makeup, please arrive early!!

    Stage make up- eyeshadows (browns and neutral colors), eyeliner, mascara, pink/peach blush, lip stick (no bright reds or bright pinks) Clara, Angels, Pollichinelles, and Chinese- light blush and lip gloss.

    **If you or your child have any makeup allergies, please let us know! We will be applying additional makeup to certain dancers/parts

    Please no holes in tights or shoes. Please bring quiet activities for backstage - books, coloring/crayons, etc. (no electronics or markers!) Keep snacks limited to non-messy items and Water Only. Absolutely No eating or drinking in costume!

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