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Nomination Committee

Hall of Fame Inductees (beginning with our 2013 inductee) are selected by the museum's Nomination Committee. Below are the members of this committee. To learn more about each member, please click their name.

Carolyn Adams
Mindy Aloff
Nora Ambrosio
Ella Baff
Peter Boal
Gil Boggs
Donnie Burns
Mary Cochran
John R. Crawford
Terry Creach
Alexander Dubé
Jan Erkert
Alex Ewing
Ruben Graciani
Elena Grinenko
Daniel Heroux
John Kimmins
Nicholas & Lena Kosovich
Peter Martins
Carla Maxwell
Mikko Nissinen
Victoria Regan
Charles L. Reinhart
Chita Rivera
Jay Rogoff
Tommy Tune
Leslie Valencia LaGuardia
Denise Warner Limoli
Cathy Young
Elizabeth Zimmer