The National Museum of Dance has mounted more than one hundred exhibitions over the course of its thirty‑year history, by which it has sought to explore and present the tremendous scope of the art form. Within ten gallery spaces there are five permanent installations, the Art in the Foyer series, and a range of annually rotating exhibitions, including two each season that showcase the newest Hall of Fame inductees. The permanent installations include the Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame; the Alfred Z. Solomon Children’s Wing, an interactive play space and gallery for children’s artwork; Washington Bathhouse, a display of two adjoining, restored bath and treatment rooms containing original fixtures, equipment, and furniture that illustrate the history of the baths and the Museum building; Dancers in Film, an exhibition that celebrates the synthesis and history of these art forms; and The Cris Alexander and Shaun O’Brien Collection. Outdoor installations are also part of the Museum’s exhibition programming and have included works by Judith Brown, Bogusław Lustyk, Andrew DeVries, and Alice Manzi.